Born in 1952

65 years of good times

Lake St. George started out as a 9-hole layout in 1952. It was originally built by a Pro named Ed Leeder, who had worked at the Toronto Golf Club under the direction of George Cumming, a legendary Canadian Pro. Through his time at Toronto, Mr. Leeder learned the proper way to operate and build a golf course.

Mr. Leeder had a very difficult time building the course. It was a piece of land covered in waist high grass, dense forest and massive rocks. The venture cost Mr. Leeder all the money he could raise. He sold his Toronto home and car to finance the project. When asked about this, he simply said "This is all I've wanted."

The 9 hole course opened in June of 1952. At this time, the course offered a full season mens membership for $20 and a ladies membership for $15. Green fees on the weekend were $1.50, and only $1.00 on weekdays!

The course was later bought by entrepreneur Bob Barr, who purchased a large farm adjacent to the course at the same time. Mr. Barr brought in Robbie Robinson to design the additional 9 holes, which is now known as the South course. During this time, additions were made to the clubhouse and small changes were made to the existing course.

The course was subsequently owned briefly by two local Pros. When financial problems ensued, George Louth took over. George had already had a very influential career in the golf industry. He played an important role in the rise of Twenty Valley Golf Club in Vineland, Ontario from the beginning. He built the course, and became the Head Pro, Manager and Superintendent. He continued to run the course before leaving to take the position of Head Pro and Superintendent at Sawmill Golf Club. Georges father, Les Louth, had also been a successful golf Pro for many decades at the Oakville Golf Club in Oakville, Ontario.

George purchased Lake St. George in 1979. The course was in rough shape - the new 9 holes were barely grassed in, and there was limited irrigation installed. In addition, the clubhouse was in need of finishing renovations.

George, along with his son Greg, worked hard to improve the facility. They rebuilt greens, tees and bunkers for the next several decades. Major improvements were made to the drainage system at this time as well.

In the late 90's, Bob Moote, along with George and Greg, designed and built the third course at Lake St. George. Construction began in Winter of 1999 and lasted three years. In July of 2002, the West officially opened. One existing hole was used to complete the New course. Modern day #6 West used to be a part of the back nine. Modern day #4 South is a new hole that was constructed when the West was built.

Today, Greg Louth has taken over the golf course and is the Owner and Director of Golf. His son, Dustin Louth, is now the General Manager.

Lake St. George continues to improve each year. Come experience what other golfers have for over 60 years - the best golfing value in the Muskoka and Orillia region.